At the very core of our Club is the maintenance of equity of opportunity to play football. This has a profound impact on the self-esteem of the child, the development of their skills, fitness and understanding of the game.

For UNDER 11s to 16s, the Club will provide the below as a guide only for the coach. The Coach will have some discretion over the length of playing time that individual players will have on the field and the time at which the player on the bench would come onto the ground. This primarily concerns players who are injured or have been disciplined.

Selection Policies.

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The Coaches who have been appointed by the Beleura Junior Football Club board in conjunction with the Coaching Department Representatives select squads for each team based on availability and/or injuries.

  • All players from Under 9s through to Under 14s shall play a minimum of three quarters of each home and away game.
  • All players from Under 15s and Under 16s shall play a minimum of one half each home and away game.
  • Poor / Nil Attendance at training may result in the above being altered on the following match day at the discretion of the coach.
  • If an opposing side has fewer than 18 players but still enough to constitute a game, the Beleura Junior Football team will firstly offer players to the opposing side to even up numbers or secondly match the same amount of players on the field as the opposition team.

It is generally recognised that finals football is different from Home and Away games. The policy will be based on the following principles:

  • An opportunity for as many players as is possible to experience finals football.
  • An understanding that player selection and playing time for individual players gives the team the best possible opportunity to win.
  • An understanding that the policy will provide Coaches in the UNDER 14s through to the UNDER 16s a greater scope for varying playing time for individual players than UNDER 11s to 13s.